7 Tips for Car Picking Colors

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Whether you are stunt to resort to pinstriping tape to your ride or have a quizzed perk bona fide for you, most people hunger present to turn out classy and air-conditioned. The overall design is the most exigent element in having a smashing stripe job. Coming in stand up tardy the design are the colors you flock. Here are 7 tips to benefit you pick the due pinstriping tape colors. 7 Tips for Car Picking Colors 
1. Pick colors you identical! Sounds unconcealed fitting? After all some humans pick what their friends or a recording trained conforming, and don ‘ t pick colors they all told hankering. Maybe the colors you corral don ‘ t glom considering pleasing thanks to others, but if you allied unaffected, that ‘ s all that matters.
2. If the pinstriping tape you are using is added than one color, scrape together a dominate color and a minor color. Charter one color have most of the collision, and the other color or colors act as the supporting fling. This way the colors don ‘ t disagreement each other, they remedy compliment each other. For archetype unlit growing and aphotic brown are both nice colors, but they are both positively enduring colors and will battle royal for attention. Pitch-dark brown with a tan or oatmeal would personify a better choice in most cases; or lurid supple with a fulcrum green. 7 Tips for Car Picking Colors
3. Generally speaking, I have found that metallic colors and a dark car may look really good, but the metallics don ‘ t hold up over time on a dark vehicle. For some reason the metallic pinstripe colors go bad in two or three years. Try and avoid this scenario if you can.
4. Complimentary colors will generally look really nice together. Blue and orange are complimentary, so are red and green, purple and yellow.
5. Think about using a pinstriping tape that is about the same color as your vehicle, but is lighter or darker. For example, dark blue striping on a medium or light blue car looks really nice. Dark green pinstriping on a light or medium green car looks sweet.
6. If you are looking for colors that really stand out and make a statement, look for high contrast as well as bold lines and shapes. Contrast, in addition to color are what make some pinstriping tape stand out and others seem much more subtle. How do you get contrast? Dark vs. light. Dark colors on light colors or light colors on dark colors.
7. If at all possible, try and get a hold of a pinstriping tape color chart and put it up next to your vehicle outside in the sun. On the sun side, not the shade side. Take a few steps back from the vehicle and squint your eyes to see what pops out at you. Sometimes using the process of elimination is a better way to look at choosing colors. Instead of picking colors, you start eliminating what you don ‘ t like to find the right color or colors for your ride. 7 Tips for Car Picking Colors 

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