How To Earn Money Online By YouTube, Facebook Best Way

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Here you come to know how to earn money online. Yes, I give you information on how to earn money online in 2018. As you all know, nowadays people continue to struggle in a static global economy, So many people want to how earn money online fast in free time. Really, You can work overtime with your other work or take a new second job to boost your monthly income by earn money online without investment. On Internet, There is many a source of to earn money by internet by News, Technology, Beauty, Education, entertainment gossip etc. So, Billions of dollars are being marked via your hard efforts of legitimate activities. Many people are starting their own online business on the internet and earning extra money online. But on another side, many people are earning money online as his full-time job, not side. So here I add information about earn money without investment. I look at top 5 ways how to earn money online that won’t require a lot of time to earn money online.

How To Earn Money in 2018

Starting Your Own Blog or E-commerce Website

This is one of the most popular ways to earn money online by website. Yes, By working on a blog or an E-commerce website are both best way to turn your hobbies, passions, thought and article into money/dollar. When you got ranked in Google, Bing or any search engine and you getting huge traffic then your website is ready to earn money via you article. The mechanics of earning is straight forward. You add advertising from Google Adsense,, Infolinks, tabola etc. and also you add affiliate marketing links to earn more money. I recommend you choose which niche where are your interests never choose wrong niche type. If you work in your interests based website then you may get success in your line. So choose your best niche website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is best way to earn money nowadays. This is one of my favourite way to earn money by the internet. You can use affiliate marketing links to your Website, YouTube channel, Facebook Page etc. Affiliate Marketing gives you a chance to earn commissions by selling company products. You can signup for Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate, eBay affiliate or other online shopping portals. This is best way to earn money online in India. The best part of affiliate marketing is you do not have create your own products or any contacts, you only use you their products link and earn via money. So Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. Affiliate Marketing is growing day by day. In India Affiliate Marketing is best way to earn money without investment.

Social Media

Yes, many of you are using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google+ etc. but you all know you can earn money by social media Account/Page. To earn money by social media you may choose best platform, and Facebook is world best place to turn you like and views in money and earn money from Facebook. You make a Page or a Group, Grow your FB page/groups make interests your audience and now you ready to earn money. Many companies also contact you to advertise in you FB page. They pay you best budget amount to promote his products on you page, Facebook also starts his advertisement program on his Facebook Page and Groups. You also use Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook ads, Promote product etc. to earn money by FB page in 2018.

By Videos (YouTube, Vimeo et.)

Video, yes videos are best and fast growing area for earning money by video. In this segment many platforms available for earning by video, you can use YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch etc. platform. In this line YouTube is best and world largest place where you earn money easily. In YouTube you show you passion, interest, Hobbies, Technology, Education Health or thousands of niche available in YouTube. You to offer you monetize you video by Adsense when you cross 10,000(10K) views in your YT channel. Nowadays many of people working on YouTube full-time. If you talk about best YouTube Channel in world so you must search only PawDiePia is world No. 1 Youtuber. But from last 2 years India fast growing country in YouTube, and many YouTuber become famous like celebrity in India. I think you all also follow some youtuber. So you also become a youtuber and earn money on it. You only choose which niche you interested most don’t choose wrong niche. You work and earn. You also use Affiliate links to you YT Channel videos.

Become Gigs in Fiverr (Freelancing)

If you are professional in any area like website building, Photos Maker, Editor, Writer, SEO service provider or else so this is best area to turn your talent into money, this is best way to earn money by Fiverr. Many boys and girls are earning huge money by providing his service to other and people are pay for his service. Many people come to with his problem they find his issue and pay for it. Fiverr minimum payment is 5$ Yes, 5$/order. When you complete you order you got ranking on Fiverr. So in my way, if you have any talent so use it and earn money by freelancing without any investment.

Final Words:-

Never depend upon YouTube or any other area to earn money because this takes time these days and if you say how some youtuber famous so these youtuber, Blogger works on his area and take patience to get success. They never got success rocket fire ok. So always make priority you base study for Govt. Job or any other private jobs. Because these are stable jobs. Our dads and moms also working in Private or Government sector for livelihood. But if you have some free time then you work on it don’t destroy your time in useless things. I always get priority to Private or Government Jobs. So now i hold my hand because you all know which is best way to how to make money online for free. Thank You

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