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KXicq for KDE 1.x
KXicq2, the ICQ client for KDE2
KXicq is the KDE ICQ client, KXicq2 is written for KDE 2 and KDE 3, but also works with other Window Managers like Gnome, Window Maker ( with Docking !) and others. KXicq2 uses the new ICQ protocol version 7, wich has much less problems that the old protocol and it can be used behind firewalls ( it can use socks ).

At this moment, KXicq2 is being developed to support the most common ICQ functions and too make the GUI as simple and powerfull as possible.


  • KXicq has now full support for server side contact list ! (13-04-2002)
    Please read the README file in the CVS.
  • KXicq and Suse (05-04-2002)
    Tanx to Crissi who made a KXicq2 for Suse page with RPMs etc, check the Download section.
  • KXicq and KDE 3 (17-03-2002)
    KXicq now supports KDE3 ! check CVS and the Changelog how to compile it under KDE3
  • KXicq news (17-03-2002)
    KXicq has not stand still in the last 2 months, no news don’t means no new CVS updates, so we are alive ;-)
  • Added Icq 99/2000 2 KXicq script (26-01-2002)
    Added a ICQ 99/2000 2 KXicq converting script by Patrik Westerlund, see the Download section
  • Added Licq 2 KXicq script (25-01-2002)
    Added a Licq 2 KXicq converting script by Gerhard Hoogerp, see Download
  • Sound and Spam (12-01-2002)
    Kxicq in CVS now has sound support and a Spam filter !
  • KXicq and MSN ? (10-01-2002)
    I’m now working on a Protocol Plugin System for KXicq, at the same time, i’m working on the MSN protocol as plugin !
  • New release: 0.7.6 (05-01-2002)
    KXicq2 has a new release version: 0.7.6, it is the first stable KXicq2 with ICQ 2000 protocol
  • Added Non ICQ Contacts (04-01-2002)
    You now can add contacts for SMS sending only, which not have a ICQ account.
  • New website (31-12-2001)
    Finnaly a new website for the new KXicq versions with ICQ protocol version 7.
  • Update Own Info (31-12-2001)
    Almost finished the Update Own Info dialog, check CVS!
  • SMS (26-12-2001)
    KXicq now support receiving of SMS, check the CVS
  • New Contact list (25-12-2001)
    The new Contact list in CVS is finished, with group support and much more
  • SMS (21-12-2001)
    KXicq now support sending of SMS, check the CVS

At this moment KXicq2 supports the following featurs in the latest release:

  • Full support for sending and receiving messages and URLs
  • Support for sending and receiving colored messages
  • Searching of contacts by Email, firstname/lastname and UIN
  • Fully functional Accepting and Rejecting contacts
  • Fully functional Sending request for authorization
  • KDE 2 Docking
  • Window Maker docking
  • Full History
  • Contact exchange
  • Visible/Invisible List
  • Update Own Info
  • New contact list with Group support
  • Non ICQ contacts for SMS sending
  • Update basic information
  • Fully working SMS sending
  • Fully working SMS receiving
  • Configurable support for other character sets.
  • Update Color settings
  • WindowMaker Dock works again
  • more security settings
  • And much more

To download the CVS version, KXicq2 can be downloaded from the CVS at SourceForge:

  • cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.kxicq.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/kxicq login
  • No Password, just enter
  • cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.kxicq.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/kxicq co kxicq2
  • cd kxicq2
  • make -f Makefile.cvs
  • ./configure (you may add more options)
  • make
  • make install ( as root )

To update the CVS just enter in the source directory: cvs update -dP

You can download KXicq from CVS or from SourceForge Download Page.

Crissi has made a page for Suse 7.3 and KXicq2 for KDE2 and KDE3, you can download there RPM’s and a Howto compile KXicq2 on KDE3, check it out here.

The Licq 2 KXicq Contact converting script can be found here !
The ICQ 99/2000 2 KXicq Contact converting script can be found here !

To compile KXicq2 under KDE3 you have to do the following things:

  • Download the latest CVS
  • replace the admin dir with a version from lets say kdebase from the kde3 source distribution
  • change $(LIB_KFILE)\ to $(LIB_KIO)\ in kxicq/Makefile.am
  • continue the rest of the compilation process


KXicq2 version 0.7.6:

KXicq with group support

More can be found Here !

(C) 2002 H.J. Steehouwer
Last update 05-01-2002.

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