So Many Games, So Little Money!

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There’s a bunch of great games out that I would definitely would like to buy. I must own them. The compulsion is overwhelming! Is there anyone out there kind enough to sponsor me these? Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 I have to get this baby. I’ve tried 2 soccer sims for this year: this and FIFA 2009. Despite the obvious raves of it on the internet, I really do not like FIFA 09. The controls are not smooth and the gameplay is a bit weak. The AI is also not as good as that of PES, and by AI, I mean the other players on your team that you are not controlling. I find that in PES 09, there are a lot more variety to the style of play, and your creativity is rewarded. But in FIFA 09, it’s as though in order to ramp up the difficulty, the developers decided to give you more stupid teammates instead of harder and smarter opponents. This is also evident in FIFA 08, which I skipped too. It’s a shame, considering how much I loved FIFA 07. Fallout 3 What can I say? This is the RPG I have been anticipating this season! I liked Oblivion (I only loved it after applying some fan made mods), and since this will be in the same mould, open-world, lots of nooks and crannies to explore, there’s no reason not to like it. Fallout purists can argue that it’s not a true successor, but I don’t care. This is just a different perspective to the Fallout world. And as long as they keep the world correct, then I’m in! Eschalon: Book 1 I have played a demo of this game previously. It is an old-school CRPG, whose gameplay is much like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale before it, utilizing a tile-based isometric system. Again, it has an open-world concept where you can do anything and go anywhere. However, unlike Oblivion, the world does not level with you, making it quite dangerous to just muck about anyhow you want to. The demo sucked me in like a vacuum, but I have since forgotten about it. However, there are recent announcements that Eschalon: Book 2 will be out soon, reminding me to play this first before trying out Book 2. It’s not graphically strong but it has a certain nostalgic charm to it that I love. Far Cry 2 When I saw this game being earmarked as an open-world FPS, I thought to myself “This could be the first FPS I could buy”. The graphics are beautiful, and apparently very hardware-friendly. The gameplay is typical FPS, but in a sprawling open-world concept, where you can do anything and go anywhere. I’m a sucker for that. However, the only downside is the DRM. I draw the line at limited installs. However, it does have a revoke feature, which seems very flaky at best. Thus, I think I’ll buy it, but keep a cracked executable, just in case. Maybe I should do that for Spore too. And Mass Effect. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 I was a huge fan of the original Red Alert. And again with Red Alert 2. I’m not very big on the original Command And Conquer games though, from the original to the latest C&C 3:Tiberium-something. But its illegitimate offspring, the Red Alert series, is by far my favourite RTS game. My main objection to this is the replacement of Karl Wuhrer with Jenny McCarthy. Again, the DRM for this game has limits to the number of installations. So if I ever decide to get this game, I will probably do it Far Cry-style.

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