Software Development

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Software Development is just that – the process of developing a computer program or piece of software for internet users. It is a multi-step process, from inception and first creation of the idea, to detailed planning of it including diagrams, process understanding, choosing the language and more, all the way to the systematic development and writing of the code in your chosen programming language. The software will then go on to testing, and finally be released to the public. Software Development also involves the complete rewriting of the specifications half way through the development process, and after release if anything is not up to scratch and is found to have too many errors. Software Development is basically an ongoing process, as the developers will keep on changing and trying to improve their Software Development for each program they write to make it more efficient and effective for users. A Software Development process may take anywhere from 6 months up to five years to be developed depending on the size of the system, and the complexity of the specifications Software Development starts with the software element analysis. You will need to know exactly what the clients’ requirement are for that system and then work out the best way in which to implement it. Secondly, you will need to work out the specifications. This will mean describing the software in a very detailed way, either with diagrams, writing, or both. The next step in software development is creating architecture of the program. This will basically be a demo of what the program can do, and to check that it meets all of the requirements. If there are any revisions or re-planning, then this is where it will be done. Once the software is perfect, the implementation of the program or coding process will come in. After that your software program will be sent to the software engineer who will put it through various tests to make sure it meets the client’s standards. The best part about Software Development is that you can have software developed jut for your company. That’s right, you can have tailor made software just for your store, office or home business. The whole point of Software Development is to makes thing easier for you. All you need to do is tell the software developer what you need, what you requirements are, what you will be using it for and things like that and he or she can go to work on your new, very unique software. In this way, you will be the only person with that type of software. Think about the software for point of sale, called the POS system, that was one person’s idea to get rid of those big old cash registers, and now it is in all major supermarkets and eateries across the world. so make your idea a reality and who knows, maybe one day someone else will spot it and want to by the program from you, so you can become the next software manufacturer.

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