Steps To Run 16-Bit Programs In Windows XP

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Windows XP operating system The different types of computer operating system architecture are the 16-bit, 32-bit and 64 bit. In a 64-bit computer, you cannot run 16-bit applications. A well known 32 bit operating system is the original Windows XP operating system, and running the different programs and applications in the operating system is a breeze. A very good advantage of the 32-bit Windows XP operating system is that 16-bit programs/applications are compatible with the operating system and can be run on it with ease. With issues regarding the Windows XP operating system, users can contact the Windows support number. Users may have trouble while trying to run the 16-bit programs on the operating system. This can be irritating for the users, as they cannot access the programs. However, the issues can be resolved easily in a few steps by following the below guidelines. Instructions The Windows XP operating system has to be powered on and in a little while, the Windows XP desktop will be visible. Towards the lower part of the desktop, the taskbar can be seen. Towards the left, the Windows Start button is present and when you click it, the Start menu will appear. From the Start menu search and locate the Run command. Access the Run command and the Run dialog box will appear on screen. In the run filed, input c:windowsrepair and tap the Enter key. Advantage of Windows XP operating system From the window that comes up, search for and locate autoexec.nt. The autoexec.nt file has to be Right clicked and from the menu that appears, choose the Copy option. In extreme left of the taskbar, the Windows Start button is housed and from clicking this, the Start menu will pop up. Search and locate the Run command from the menu and access it. In the run field, input %windir%system32 and tap the Enter key. In the empty space in the System32 folder, you have to click once, and then the keyboard shortcut combo for the paste function, CTRL+V, have to be pressed. To see if the 32-bit operating system runs the 16-bit programs without any issues, run the 16-bit applications. By following the above mentioned guidelines, you can easily run 16 bit applications on the 32 bit operating system without any hiccups. If you have any trouble understanding the guidelines or require additional troubleshooting tips, you can call the Windows support number. The support professionals who you get through via the Windows support number will provide the best support and troubleshooting tips.

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