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We have been reporting on the iPad popularity and the iPad coming to Verizon, which shows the potential for sales and growth this quarter. Early next year, either the first or second quarter, we can expect to see the next iteration of the iPad, which many are calling the iPad 2. What the name will end up is not known, but given the naming conventions for the iPhone, it could be iPad 2G. Who knows and anyone’s guess at this point is pretty good. The existing iPad has been very popular and many have been spotted by people on planes traveling in the US in place of laptop and netbook computers, which speaks to the value of the tablet. As with anything we purchase in technology, we always hope the next version will offer more than the current one. This continues with the iPad. With the many articles out there about the next iPad, the Apple Blog appears to be one of the better ones regarding the changes for the next one. There have been rumors about a 7 inch iPad, though Steve Jobs has said that is the wrong size. It would not be the first time he has said something to throw people off. Having a 7 and 10 inch would provide the best of both worlds so people can select what fits their needs. The screen resolution is one where a great improvement would move it ahead of all the other tablets. With the Retina Display in the iPhone, adding that to the iPad would make a big difference. I love the screen’s sharpness on the iPhone so having it on the iPad, will greatly improve things. Adding front and back camera’s like the iPhone will turn this into a business machine and take away more sales from netbooks and laptops. The FaceTime has already become the expected standard. Many other rumors talk about a mini-USB port, which has to be there to be a serious contender for the business market. Wired network connections and external USB drives must be accommodated to keep the RIM Playbook as a distant competitor. The USB port may not be part of the unit, but to provide that feature would be something valuable. Several articles are indicating the iPad will be thinner and lighter, which would further hurt the netbook and laptop market with their heavy devices. Another item which I have heard commented on by others is the ability to connect the iPad to a projector via a VGA or HDMI connector. The VGA connection is available, though it is very limited in what it can do and if a true connection to a large monitor or projector could be provided, it would further distance the iPad from competitors. There have been many changes in CPU’s since the first release of the iPad and as such, we would expect to see a much faster CPU than the current one. This would further improve the chances of moving further into the enterprise business and take it away from competitors. It would be great to see the iPad for the holiday, but that is not realistic. Apple has been known for annual releases and this probably will not be any different. We expect to see the next iPad in March or April next year.

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