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Have I got the Say, When it comes to my ip address. And the revers phone look up. What about the what what marketing, can they find me. I’m not sure about you. But I don’t want just anyone knowing stuff about me. And I don’t want them looking things up about me. There are many people out there, that worry about to many people knowing to much. But I have to tell you, this is very possible. There are eyes every were, in this day and age. GOD told us nothing is secret. You don’t need to be setting around worried about these things they will make you sick. Then you would be running around trying to hide things like your money, and then you would be depressed. You may already be by reading this. What are signs of depression, Lets take a look you may all ready be, down in the dumps. If you watch to much Tv you could be depressed. If you are setting there shoveling the ice cream in, you could be depressed. I do this when I’m down. You may also eat to much. And you may not want to get out of bed. These are all signs of being depressed I hope you are not letting anyone put you down. Whether you are male or female, there are people out there that care about you. Your family is one, whether you think so or not. I care you may not think so, by this post. I told you some of these things to let you know I was once in your shoes. When you are down and think you are not Loved. You do stupid stuff. Depression is a very touch subject. Just like mental health, they both can be miss handled. I wanted to take this time to talk to you in hopes of building trust, with you. If you feel you need to talk you can drop me a note below. I own this website, and make money with it. But I wanted to let you know. There is someone here you can talk to. It’s not always about the money. Now that we have talked a little I hope to cheer you up some and bring a smile to your face. Let me tell you about when I use to be a human ginny pig. Yes that’s right I was a ginny pig. I must have been crazy right. I was payed to take different drugs they where testing. And no I didn’t grow two heads, or an extra leg. When I first did this. I thought to myself. That I might save some ones life, by doing these test. Now I know you think I’m crazy. I am not. I really am not sure what you think of me. But I do know I got you to quit thinking about what is making you down, for just a minute. I will be writing more post so do come back and chat. Let me know if I can help cheer you up. I will try to bring a smile to your face, if you let me. I do care and would love to hear from you. I may be able to help in many ways. Just know that I am here, not just for me but for you too. Thank you for stopping by. God Bless. Truly LisaDon’t go till you leave Comment Thank You

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