World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

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Hunters are a great class in WoW, as they can deal a lot of damage without even having to come close to an enemy. In this wow hunter guide we’ll look at the basics of Hunters. Note: on Alliance faction can be Draenei, Night Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Humans. And on the Horde faction they can be Orcs, Undeads, Trolls, Taurens and Blood Elves. Hunters are great for leveling because they deal a lot of damage and they have their pets to help them. Hunters can tame pets and use them as their assistants in game. Any wow hunter guide will tell you that Hunters can learn a skill ‘tame pet’ at level 10. In order to learn it, there is a small quest chain that needs to be done. Pets are very useful for hunters as you can tame many families of beasts. However there are some untamable beasts too. A beast must be of your level or lower level than yourself, and in order to tame it you must use the ’tame pet’ skill. Hunters have three talent trees and you can choose which one you will develop. You can choose between Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival. Get out a good wow hunter guide if you want to learn about their trees. Beast mastery is maybe the best for leveling your hunter because it makes your pet really strong. It can be difficult to learn but a wow hunter guide will come in useful. Beast master’s pets can tank or deal damage depending on what best suits your needs and which pet you tame. The other thing about pets is that they need feeding from time to time. When you tame a pet you get it with 75% of its damage effect and with an unhappy status, when you feed him it goes to 100% damage and can even reach 125% damage effectiveness. You need to be careful because different pets eat different food. It’s important to remember from my wow hunter guide that you need to get the food correct. Every pet family has its own type of food, and if your pet has been left hungry for a long time, it may abandon you forever. With hunter, you can solo quests easily without problems because they are an independent class and can level up really fast. Later on, you can change points in your talent trees if so you wish. Marksmanship with Beast Mastery combination is great for both PvE and PvP, and Survival talent tree is great for PvP. Hunters have to buy arrows for their bows and gun ammo for their guns. You can wear one quiver or ammo pouch slot for that purpose. You have some really useful movement skills like Aspect of Cheetah that increases your movement speed by 30% and Aspect of the Pack that increases both yours and your party members’ movement speed by 34%. However, if you get hit while using any of these you will get dazed, so watch when you use it. Hunters can also increase their speed when mounted with some talent tree points in beast mastery specialization. As for attacking skills, hunters have wide selection of shots and stings. For example, you have Aimed shot that deals a lot of damage and you got Viper sting that acts as debuff. Using a wow hunter guide to learn how to use these strategic weapons is amazing, and can have you killing mobs with little effort. You will get some AoE skills too, like Multi-Shot that fires multiple arrows hitting numerous foes at the same time, and you will get Valley, where you summon arrows to fall from sky on specific marked location which you pick. Hunters also have some helpful scouting skills like tracking beasts, humanoids, invisible, etc. Those can help you a lot in quests because you can see quest mobs on your mini map. For example you can use track beasts when you need to kill 10 spiders and you can exactly see where those mobs are on your mini map. Hunters have many useful skills and it is really fun to play a Hunter in WoW so get a wow hunter guide and start leveling a hunter and collecting gold now! This Guide will allow you to Level faster in both Factors, collect lots more Gold, Master ANY Profession and absolutely Dominate your Warcraft opponents!! It’s also updated in realtime. Click Here to go check it out!

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