Flopped smartphone rushing down the price in Vietnam

30 Nov No Comments
Dubbed as the blockbuster of mobile products but does not create attraction on the market, many dealers are forced to reduce the price of model series such as the LG V10, Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL. A dealer in Ho Chi Minh City has just announced discounts up to 3 million for smartphone LG V10 in limited quantity. Accordingly, the new selling price of device is 12,99 million, quite lower than the majority of smartphone dubbed as blockbuster today. Recently, many high-end smartphones have signs of discounts. It is worth saying that discounting together, but the price sold at each system are different. This show that this is not price cuttted due to brand listing. For example, The Gioi Di Dong sale Lumia 950 XL at 13,99 million, 2 million VND lower than previous price. While Lumia 950 model, this dealer discount them 2 times in a row over a few days from 13,99 down to 11.99, then to 9,99 million VND. Mai Nguyen sold 2 of these models with price of 13.99 & 11,99 million VND. In addition, the LG G4 has listing price of 11,99 million but some places are actively selling machine with the price of 9.99 million VND. BlackBerry Priv also has the actual price is about 17 million VND compared with the listing of 18.5 million VND. There is a common point between the models actively discounted by dealers: They proved to be lackluster on the market. LG V10, Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL or BlackBerry Priv are appreciated with design and different experience, but meeting with difficulty when approaching consumer. Therefore, the given discount is almost mandatory move, if the dealer wants to stimulate demand, to liberate the inventory, especially in the context of the mobile market with dismal sales as slow as today. According to insiders, the same discount will occur again, at least in the summer this year because the market has not showed flourishing signs. In the current high end, only the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge of Samsung can sell well. iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, though there are sales stable but the sales is not high if compared to iPhone 6 sales last year. Meanwhile, LG G5 is expected on the water at the end of April, but up to the present time, the dealer has not received any supports yet bring prepare from the maker. HTC 10 just launched can’t be on the water sooner than 6 months and follower X Series of Sony most likely have to wait until July. According To Zing.