How To Free Up 2 Hours Of Time Each Day (In One Step)

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Would you like to know the secret to freeing up literally two hours of your time, each and every day? If you’re like 99% of the entrepreneurs out there, you can magically create up to 2 hours of time every work day with a single step. Are you ready for the magic? Here it is… Let GO of email. That’s it. That’s the secret. Far too many women entrepreneurs give up their power, their time and their life by being at the beck and call of email. How do I know? Because I hear it all the time from my clients, and… I used to be one of them. Trust me, Goddess, it’s no coincidence that I made my first 6-figures in the same 6-month period that I finally just said NO to the email insanity. If you want to step into being the Divine Feminine Leader of your business (and make your next big leap in income and impact), you must get a handle on your email. Here are my 3 favorite tips for taming the email beastie:

1. Stop giving it away.

Be honest, now – how many times have you spent 45 minutes answering a client question that should have been brought to the next session? How about agonizing to get just the right words (read: so you don’t hurt their feelings) in a response to someone else’s emergency or drama? Or when a client asks you to “just have a quick peek at my website” and 2 hours later… When you give away your time to answering client email – you’re doing exactly that: giving away your time. And you know that once you open that door… your clients are going to ask for more and more. The answer is to set a clear boundary: stop giving away email access, except for your highest level clients. Taking this ONE action step will literally change your life. Here’s some wording you can model, taken from the invitation to one of my programs: > Priority Email Access For Quick Questions And Feedback > > As a Divine Feminine Leader member, you get Elizabeth’s “super secret” email address for burning questions and quick feedback. (Responses within 48 hours, Monday through Thursday.) Notice how this positioning of my email sets an expectation and a clear boundary, one that I can return to again if issues arise (they rarely do).

2. Create a “super secret” email address – and keep it secret.

Your super-secret email your next clear boundary. By “super secret,” I mean, ONLY for your family, close friends, team and Platinum clients. Nobody else. You can decide if you want to receive newsletters at your super-secret address. If you do, limit it to the top 5 that you read, and filter them into a folder so you can read them once a week or 5 minutes a day. Decide what works for you and stick to it. (And no Facebook notifications!) Whenever I give my super-secret email to my clients, friends or partners, I am very clear about the rules. When someone violates them, they’re out. Yes, I’m ruthless about this. You should be too!

3. Release control.

All of the mail that comes to your “public email” – whatever you use on your newsletters, website, etc – should be sorted, handled and answered by an assistant. (Stay with me! Keep breathing!) Giving up email can feel complicated, but it’s really pretty simple. (Hint: this is a great place for your mind to create confusion and make it seem more overwhelming than it really is.) When you break it down, your business email will fall into these categories: * Potential clients * Current clients * Potential partners (invites for telesummits, speaking gigs, etc) * Personal * Testimonials / raving fans * Newsletters * Emails from programs you participate in as a client Start by creating a simple checklist of what you want your assistant to do for each of these categories. Yes, you’ll oversee your assistant at first, but very quickly they will learn how to respond on your behalf, leaving you free to put your focus where it belongs: income-producing activities.

4. Set a time… and a timer

Respond to email at certain times each day – for example, mid-morning and late afternoon (but definitely not first thing when you wake up!). Set a timer for how long you’ll answer. This takes a bit of discipline at first, but stick with it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll begin to “keep to time…” and how much time you’ll have left over for the things that really matter.

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