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Every blogger loves to promote his posts online, especially in social networks like twitter, but the traffic he will get depends on the number of followers he has in twitter. That’s the reason motivated me to write a post with a heading Get more twitter followers . So, the first aim for a blogger should be getting followers to his account and keep them reading posts that he shares. I already posted an article on ‘ How to get traffic from twitter ‘, and now I felt it as the best time to share the strategy to obtain more twitter followers.Having too many twitter followers not only increases your website brand name, but also helps you get lots of traffic to your blog posts. As we already know, twitter has a huge crowd , so it’s much easier to get more twitter followers in a quick time to your brand page . I have a strategy below to obtain more followers to your twitter account, but keeping them with you depends on your own behavior.

How To Get More Twitter Followers ?

Now a days it’s became an easy thing to do due to the entrance of bulk twitter management applications. With these tools, you are now capable to follow multiple users at a time, as well as unfollow the people who didn’t follow you back. One of the popular twitter tool is . It has many functions like multi following , slashing those people who are not following you in return and many more features for twitter users. Now I am going to reveal my strategy to get more twitter followers to my account, with out doing much work harassing my physical fitness. Create A Tweepi Account : The first thing you have to do is, create an account at tweepi and link your twitter account with it. You don’t need to pay anything for this, as they are providing these features for free, but with some limits. Yes, they won’t provide the total features for free, you may have to pay a little if you need an unlimited access to your tweepi account. For the sake of general or slow use, you don’t need to upgrade, you can do with the basic account. Follow Twitter Users Of The Same Interests : If you are a writer or promoter of movie related content, you should go for a movie or television channel brand page, and start following people. Be sure that, you are following a person, who has same interests as you. Currently, twitter gives you to follow only 1000 accounts per day, I think you can adjust with it. Again, follow another thousand people in the very next day, then you can not follow anymore, you may have to stop there. Twitter has a rule that, it’s users can follow only 2000 people until they receive the same amount of followers to their respective accounts. Unfollow The People Who Are Not Following You Back : Wait for a few days, then unfollow the people who didn’t followed you back with the use of tweepi mass unfollow tool. It is better to wait for a 3 or 4 days, so that you can get a clarity about the people who are regular in twitter. Now the numbers at following and followers in your twitter account are same, as a result you trashed all the unfollowed people. I think you may get around 500 followers back, and repeat the same process again. In this way, you can at least get 7,000 twitter followers with in a time of one month, which might be a dream comes true for many people like you. Don’t Use My Trick For Popular Brand Pages : In this article, I am repeatedly telling you to get twitter followers for your brand page, but don’t do this if your page is already popular. This article is supposed to bring initial followers for you pages, and no need to implement my techniques for already populated pages. If your twitter account is personal ( e.g : account with your own name or nick name) , or you are having interest to earn money with link shorteners, you can get followers in this method through out your life. If you find confusing, or having any doubts, please don’t hesitate to comment on.

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