KXicq2, the ICQ client for KDE

KXicq is the KDE ICQ client, KXicq2 is written for KDE 2 and KDE 3, but also works with other Window Managers like Gnome, Window Maker ( with Docking !) and others. KXicq2 uses the new ICQ protocol version 7, which has much less problems that the old protocol and it can be used behind firewalls ( it can use socks ).

At this moment, KXicq2 is being developed to support the most common ICQ functions and too make the GUI as simple and powerful as possible.

At this moment KXicq2 supports the following features in the latest release:

Full support for sending and receiving messages and URLs
Support for sending and receiving colored messages
Searching of contacts by Email, firstname/lastname and UIN
Fully functional Accepting and Rejecting contacts
Fully functional Sending request for authorization
KDE 2 Docking
Window Maker docking
Full History
Contact exchange
Visible/Invisible List
Update Own Info
New contact list with Group support
Non ICQ contacts for SMS sending
Update basic information
Fully working SMS sending
Fully working SMS receiving
Configurable support for other character sets.
Update Color settings
WindowMaker Dock works again
more security settings
And much more


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