Instructions on how to quickly create cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … with standard sizes

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If you need to create a cover image for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … with a standard size, this is a suggestion for you. Depending on each social network, there will be standard size rules for cover images. So if you upload a picture as a cover image, that image will be automatically cropped back to fit the standard size of that social network. However, allowing automatic cropping of this image will reduce image quality. Therefore, if you want to have a quality cover image for your personal page on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, … then it is best to learn about the standard size of the cover image that social network regulates to treat Why is it appropriate? In case you want to be faster, the Promo Instant Image Resizer will be your suggestion. Promo Instant Image Resizer is a free service with the ability to quickly create cover images for social networking sites, and it can create 50 full-size images from a single image for users to choose from. and use it on any social site they want. To get started, access the Promo Instant Image Resizer, click the Browse option and navigate to the image on the computer you want to use, or Import from URL to download the image from the specified web address. Once the image has been uploaded, the service will display the photo parameters for you to review and set up. You can quickly select the social networking site you need in the sidebar for quick access to the appropriate image. Now you just need to check the size images that fit the social network page you need and click Download Selected Images to download the selected images or Download All Images to download all photos at once. If the image you choose is not satisfactory because the composition is lost, you can Edit the image. The edit section will appear, at this point you just need to adjust it to the best you can. The downloaded image will have a clear name so you won’t have to be confused when using it. Very simple, right? Interested readers can learn more and use the Promo Instant Image Resizer here (