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With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being a $3 billion industry by conservative estimates, a company called SEO Host hopes to ride the waves. This industry is all about how to make a website not only fashionable but widely visible to the naked human eye and the search bots prowling the Web to archive information on a 24/7 basis. The raging question in this business is often whether to serve the interests of humans or the bots first. As industry players like SEO Host are finding out, both audiences can be served well using a combo of tools. The main product of SEO Host is of course, hosting. However, unlike most firms in this niche market, SEO Host concentrates on the so-called C class server or C class IP’s. This is how the bunch from SEO Host helps a client wishing to improve its search engine visibility. One great way to boost one’s site ranking is to create hyperlinks, which all report to the Mother ship so to speak. In order to understand how this works, and since there is no viewing deck from which to behold the operation, what any representative of SEO Host will tell a prospect is that the more links are made, the more popular one’s homepage becomes. For one, mighty Google prefers the backdoor approach rather than the direct one. SEO Host knows this very well, and because the search giant happens to be the biggest of them all, operators in the field not only need to adapt to the behemoth’s behavior. If it does not like the full-frontal act, then so be it; there is simply no time to engineer a change. This is why SEO Host offers the C class solution since such approach guarantees that the back linking involved will be honored by not only the Google bots, but also many other search machines with similar algorithms. Thus, with the $3.99 per IP SEO Host offer, a company can have an unlimited number of unique addresses, which can tremendously boost the back linking process. SEO Host has not only made it affordable, it has found a way to make the archiving army give safe passage to the process. On top of this, SEO Host has made the process of managing multiple IP’s a breeze by enabling its customers to access everything from a single account. While some have voiced concerns about slow server performance at certain times, customers of SEO Host who cannot afford to be bothered with this problem can upgrade to a package that guarantees no slowdown whatsoever. As SEO Host is finding out, it is just impossible to please everybody. For instance, some SEO Host clients have complained about the long wait for technical support to come on board, or the uneven quality of SEO Host service. Maybe it is better to upgrade to a higher end SEO Host plan rather than to share in the misery of others, unless of course a client can suffer inconveniences without affecting his or her bottom-line. Sometimes, though, the need for speed becomes too much of an obsession for no apparent reason. As SEO Host strives to stay in business while offering reasonable and affordable packages, so must firms balance their requirements and budget to pick the most suitable package available.

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